How to love your dog

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I’ve been a dog lover since I was born (at least I wish to think so) but out of 27 years of my life up to now, I have only had one and only dog. Hence, I am not a dog expert like Cesar Milan but I know Kiky had a great and happy life and I think any dogs should also.

Yes, all dogs may differ and sometimes you simply can’t avoid in giving them some tough love but most of the time the actual way in loving your pet is in the basis of demonstrating that you care deeply for them. They know it. Somehow.

When my family discovered her, she was 1 year old. My family had no experience in taking care of dogs. We didn’t really have any guides also. But what I know for sure, my family has whole lot of love to give and my parents are essentially a disciplinarian too. Love with discipline had seemingly become the core foundation in supplying Kiky what she wants to live for 14 years. Yes, it is still an remarkable age for a little dog like her. We are forever thankful for her perseverance to live longer than she should.

I realize there’s no one right way in loving your dogs. You may put her in an LV bag or just $1 cushion, they’ll love you as much. They do earn the name man’s best friend. I think human can’t do as good as them.

How to love your dog?
Love is the key in everything.
Love doesn’t mean you’re spoiling them and keep giving them what they need.
Loving dogs mean you care for them and you want them to be happy and in return you too are happy.
If by enjoying the dogs you are losing your sanity, then that’s not love. You might be better off without it.

What I can say when it comes to my family is that we know we have given the best we could and Kiky knew just that too. We do not give her dog food. She ate what we ate. But that did not stop her from living more than ten decades. We didn’t bathe her with puppy shampoo, she used what we used. And she had beautiful hair all over her body, shiny and smooth, even until the second she died. She didn’t sleep on the ground or outside the house, she slept with us on the bed and she behaved really well rather than stepping on top of our mind and made us crazy with her behaviours. Yes, my family had broken almost all principles in”how to keep a pet” guidebook, but we were happy and we were all one big family, with Kiky.

I guess the key in enjoying your dog is to remember he/she is a being too. If your intention of owning a pet is not for a practical purpose such as keeping someone out of your lawn, then you might think he/she as part of your family. Just like bringing up a kid, you’d like him/her to be the best he/she can be. A balance of discipline and fun is always needed.

Love your dog just like you love your self and each other. You’ll be surprised how you are going to be treated and thanked for. Though dog can not speak with words but they sure can communicate their gratitude even when they have moved on to the after-life. That’s when you know you have loved your dog the right way.

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