Candy Is Love

Six Assorted-color Lollipops

Ask anyone what they identify with their youth and it’ll probably include some reference or another to¬†Merritt Island Squirrel Removal a specific candy. We now have our memories of mother’s specialty dishes – the comfort food that immediately transports us to a simpler time; memories of those toys which sparked our interest and attained our loyalty; memories of those games we all played with friends during seemingly endless summer days which just ended when mother called us in for supper; and. . .the candy we adored. Oh that candy; the sight of that sends our pulse racing. What else would inspire differently health-conscious adults that are so picky about their diets to bite to pure, unadulterated sugar with childlike excitement? It is the candy of our youth; the snacks and sweets for which we saved our money, begged mom and dad to buy, and travelled by bicycle or foot to retrieve pockets full of change and a one-track mind.

We have our own mode of transport at our disposal and we are in control of the shopping carts, the majority of us have discovered that the novelty of candy has worn off a little. There is something about being a kid and wanting what you can not have whenever you desire it, relating to this decadent – and occasionally forbidden – flavor in your mouth, about the sugar rush – and – sense of total and complete satisfaction that follows. It’s a feeling that’s difficult to recapture – as a lot of youth is tough to recapture; but it is not surprising that retro candy is so popular to a generation that pays homage to its initial sweet tooth. So what is your soft spot?

Generations of children to follow can be seen riding their bicycles down their road with bracelets firmly between their teeth. It had been worth the inevitable tacky neck.

I loved the sheer joy of being able to divide these gumdrop nubs into colours. I ate the green first (not my favorite) and gradually moved up through the flavours till I got to crimson. Dots were first introduced in 1945 and are still a favorite treat.

Atomic Fireballs – There is nothing better than when sweet and hot collide and not many do it better than the Atomic Fireball. Created in 1954, the Atomic Fireball was reflective of the 1950s nuclear culture and quickly became a favorite candy for children of all ages. The Atomic Fireball is a cinnamon-flavored jawbreaker that – upon sucking it – provides alternating waves of sweet and hot. A favorite childhood pastime in my area?

Pixy Stix – Alright, I dare you to think about something more incredibly gratifying as a child than having the ability to pour straight sugar in your mouth. Resembling packed straws, Pixy Stix are full of powdery goodness in an assortment of flavors and has been gaining our focus since its inception in the 1930s.

Regardless of which sort of retro candies you revere you do not have to let them go only because your youth has long since finished. Chocolate purveyors – whose job it is to follow candy trends – have realized our love – and fierce loyalty to – the retro candies of our childhood and have made it available through their shops – online and traditionally; a excellent way to accessorize a birthday or anniversary celebration, a themed decade celebration, or to treat yourself with something which will always hold a sweet place in your heart.

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